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The original tantric couch. Because being the genuine one always makes the difference.

More than 50 years manufacturing sofas
The original tantric couch.

More than 200 upholstery fabrics
The widest variety in the market

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Pleasure & Emotion

Do you think you have tried everything?
Try to do it on a divanTANTRA ®

Ideal for experimenting with new Kamasutra positions and improving sexual sensations. Try out positions that would otherwise be more difficult to practice and do it in a comfortable and smooth way.

On the tantra sofa you will discover a wide variety of tantric positions that will make you enjoy your sexual experience with greater intensity.

Experiment new sensations with divanTANTRA®


Other sizes

Our small tantric sofa

You have little space, but want to enjoy the pleasures of a tantric sofa?
Choose our TANTRA model, the smallest.

Less volume, same pleasure.
With the divanTANTRA® guarantee

More than 200 upholstery fabrics

Upholstered with top quality materials

Choose your divanTANTRA® from more than 200 upholstery options.

All our upholstery fabrics and materials comply with the most exigent environmental protection regulations, are fireproof  and water resistant.

With the guarantee of the top-selling in Europe.

Opinions &


You will find divánTANTRA® in prestigious media such as television, specialized news, youth and fashion, etc...

The top-selling tantric couch all over Europe.
Choose the best quality at the most competitive prices.
Choose divanTANTRA®

Shoot the passion with a divánTANTRA®

Discover new positions

and experience unique pleasures.

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The tantric couch

A diferent gift

The perfect gift for an aniversary, for newlyweds, for Valentine`s Day as a weeding present, a special surprise...

On the tantra sofa "love comes out of bed"

The tantra sofa is a piece of furniture with a curved similar to a divan that does not need to be hidden, as it can be used as a decorative element and also be a perfect space for reading, reflection or yoga.

But the divanTANTRA® is also a sex toy, handmade with a smooth curve perfect for the couple´s understanding. The tantric sofa helps to improve the positions of the kamasutra, inviting couples to experience new sen, obtaining the maximum pleasure on the tantra sofa.

Choose your divanTANTRA ® today!

Intensify your sexual intercourses with a tantric chair.

On top of a washing machine, in a chair, standing ... if all this seems fun and triggers your passion, you have not yet tried to do it on a divanTANTRA ®

Don´t let everyday life put an end to your passion.

Today we live very fast and neglect love relationship.

A healthy love relationship requires having fun and healthy sex.

This will generate more bonds of trust, rapport and love in the couple.